Common Volkswagen Dashboard Warning Lights

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What do the lights on your Volkswagen dashboard mean?
What do the lights on your Volkswagen dashboard mean? Find out at Ventura Volkswagen in Ventura, CA. The dashboard indicator lights up in two different colors based on the urgency of the issue at hand. If the light is yellow, the warning is to be cautious and have the vehicle checked as soon as possible, but if the light is red, it indicates that you should park the car away from traffic and provide immediate assistance to the vehicle. Continue reading to find out what do the different lights on your dashboard mean.

Dashboard Lights and their Meanings
Airbag Light: This light indicates a faulty airbag system or faulty belt tensioning system due to which the airbags are deactivated. Airbags are included in the safety features of a vehicle to ensure that the car’s occupants are provided with maximum protection from impact in case of an accident. Have your airbag mechanism checked immediately if this icon lights up on your dashboard.

Battery Light: The battery lights indicate that the battery charging system is failing, and there is alternate low voltage output from the battery. A low battery could make your vehicle sputter and die out on the road, so have an expert check your engine batteries. You might have to replace them.

Parking Brake Light: Red light on the parking brake could indicate a malfunction in the parking brake due to which it cannot be engaged. Parking brakes are used to ensure that your vehicle does not roll away while in a parked position with the engine running or switched off. Check-in at the service center and have the anti-lock braking system and the brake fluid levels checked out.

Coolant Level Light: This icon is shaped like a thermometer floating in a liquid and indicates low levels of coolant. The coolant likes its name, is meant to keep the engine from heating up. An overheating engine could cause various other problems to your car, so be sure to check the coolant level in your vehicle regularly.

Schedule a service appointment at Ventura Volkswagen in Ventura, CA, and have your vehicle checked regularly. Check out our services and maintenance menu pages and take a look at the range of services we offer at the dealership. Contact us for further assistance.

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