Tips To Making Your Pup Smell Great Without A Bath

February 8th, 2022 by

Dogs naturally have a strong odor. It’s not just a doggy smell; it’s their natural scent, and it’s perfectly normal. Many dog owners assume that their dogs need baths often, but that is not true. Bathing a dog too often will strip the skin of its natural oils and cause dryness, irritation, and flaking of the skin.

Listed below are six easy steps to make your dog smell good between baths while also getting rid of that unpleasant dog odor in your house.

Tip 1 – Apply Dry Shampoo

Now that we’ve discussed why you can’t give your dog a wet bath often, you may be wondering how you should clean him when he gets dirty. The best solution? Dry shampoo! Many brands are on the market, but our favorite is Wahl’s No Rinse Shampoo because it has the best scent and is safe if your dog licks it’s fur.

Tip 2 – Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

As I’m sure you know, dog breath can be awful. You can prevent this by brushing your puppy’s teeth regularly. Using an enzymatic toothpaste is the best way to do this, as it works to eliminate harmful bacteria, plaque, and bad breath.

Tip 3 – Make Use of Deodorizing Wipes

You can alleviate some odors they accumulate by wiping inside their ears and cleaning their coats and paws with deodorizing wipes.

Tip 4 – Properly Groom Your Dog

Brushing your dog is essential for good dog grooming. Find a gentle, effective brush that doesn’t hurt delicate skin. A great brush should be easy to clean while also getting rid of the dirt and debris that cling to your pet’s hair during outdoor playtime.

Tip 5 – Spray Your Dog with Pet Cologne

Oftentimes, dogs could use a bit of a fragrance boost to stay smelling nice. A delicate scent such as this baby powder scented pet perfume is perfect because it won’t overwhelm a dog’s sensitive sniffer. It also acts as a conditioner, leaving their fur soft and smelling great.

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Tip 6 – Give Your Dog the Right Food

If your dog constantly stinks up your home with flatulence, there could be several possible causes. One is that he may have a gastrointestinal condition that will need to be diagnosed by your veterinarian. Other factors include the diet your dog consumes. The best food you can buy for your dog is one with the fewest byproducts and other fillers.

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