Learn How To Hang Holiday Lights In A Snap

February 8th, 2022 by

For some, the prospect of decorating your house for Christmas is a little bit like getting your wisdom teeth pulled. The arduous ordeal involves painstakingly untangling miles of cords, meticulously inspecting bulbs that do not work, and trudging up and down a ladder until you finally call it quits and live with what you have done.

At Ventura Volkswagen, we want to help you mitigate some of the annoyance with a few helpful tips on how to best hang Christmas lights outside.

What You’ll Need
To begin, you will need a ladder, a tape measure, a smart phone, outdoor holiday lights, plastic zip ties, plastic light clips, and an outdoor extension cord.

The first step that you want to take is to snap a photo of your home. This will give you a better perspective of where you should hang your lights. Be sure to consider the entirety of the house when planning. The next step is to measure where the lights will hang. Use the tape measure to estimate the width and height of where the lights will hang. Once you have a general idea of how many strands you need, and what the final product will look like from the street, you should then inspect your lights.

Make sure that you have bought lights that are for outdoor use. Also, look for the “UL” label on the box. This means that the lights were tested by Underwriters Laboratories. To help simplify matters, purchase plastic light clips. These clips make hanging lights easy and do no damage to your house.

Hanging Lights
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Take the plastic clips that you bought and attach them to the light strings. Space the clips six to 12 inches apart. Once that is done, attach the plastic clips to your gutters, roofline, railings, siding, or anywhere else. The image of the house you took earlier will come into play now. If you are unsure about whether the clips will hold throughout the unpredictable winter months, then you can zip tie the strands to the structure for better protection.

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