Keep Your Cool With These Last-Minute DIY Gifts

February 8th, 2022 by

You make a list. You check it twice. Somehow, the week of the holiday party still arrives with a whirlwind of forgotten names dancing through your mind. Worse, you could still be forgetting someone! Don’t panic. Instead, whip up a few — or a lot — of these DIY gifts to keep on hand for anyone who slipped your mind.

Gemstone Soaps

This is a pretty gift for anyone who may like a cute addition to their bathroom décor. Instead of elbowing through the aisles of a packed shopping mall just make a quick run to your favorite craft store and block off an hour or two to make these adorably unique gemstone soaps.

Personalized Gift Jars

This is perfect for a last-minute gift that actually seems personalized and well thought-out. Prepare a few large mason jars ahead of time with festive – but blank – name tags. Grab miniatures of soaps, lotions, candies, energy bars or anything else your friends and family might appreciate that can fit in a mason jar. Whenever you come across someone you’ve left off your list. Just toss together a personalized mason jar full of items they’ll love and pencil in their name.

Bag – or Tin – Full of Yummy

If you have a few foodies in your circle and a talent for baking put together a few food gifts to hand out. You can fill a bag full of decadent dessert items like chocolate fudge, homemade candies, sugar plums, or holiday cookies. You could also fill a tin or gift box with homemade pastries, cakes, breads, or chocolates. If you’d like to try this option, be sure to grab a big roll of parchment paper for to keep things from getting messy in transit.

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Sharpie Stenciled Mugs

This one requires some creative thinking, but if you know your audience these DIY, custom mugs are sure to delight any coffee or tea drinker in your group. Just grab a few plain mugs, some oil-based sharpies, and a graphite pencil. The remaining supplies you’re likely to have lying around your home.

Spend a few minutes thinking up some clever, inspirational, or funny quotes and then get started. Your friends will love them.

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