3 Ways to check out a Used Car Before Buying It

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How to Check Out a Used Car Before Buying It?

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are new to the automobile industry. But does it have to be such a taxing experience? Not at all! At Ventura Volkswagen in Ventura, CA, we are here to teach you how to check out a used car before buying it. Make a mental note of these steps and find yourself making the right choice while purchasing a used car. Continue reading for more information.

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Steps to Check before Purchasing a Pre-owned Car

The first step would be to check the exterior of the used car. To do so, one must first park the vehicle on level ground and check the car’s body for rust, dent, or shoddy paint jobs. Look for any cracks or water damage on the car or in its trunk.

Then check the alignment of the tire and whether it has uniform wear. Also, look at the exhaust and undercarriage for rust or any leaks. Do not purchase the car if the exhaust has any damage, dent, or any other form of wear and tear. Repairing an exhaust can be an expensive affair so check the exhaust thoroughly.

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The next step is to pop the hood open and check the hoses and belts for any damage. Check for engine leaks and corrosion and ensure that the fluid levels are maintained. An empty fluid tank is an indication of a leak somewhere. Be sure to confirm why the tank was left empty. Unscrew the fuel tank cap and check for any residue. Be sure to screw it back all the way after your check is complete.

Next, check the interiors. Ensure that the interiors are in good condition and do not require any repair. Check the air-conditioning by turning the fan to high and low, confirm with the dealer when the freon was last refilled, and check whether there is proper cooling in the vehicle. Ensure that all the dashboard lights function alongside the infotainment system and navigation screen. Lastly, note the odometer reading to know the previously recorded mileage in the car.

Once all these checks are complete and you are satisfied with your findings, schedule a test drive of the vehicle you choose. Check out the current incentives at Ventura Volkswagen in Ventura, CA, for discounts on your purchase. Reach out to us at the dealership for further assistance.

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