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How to change the flat tire in your Volkswagen?
Learn how to change the flat tire in your Volkswagen and never again be left helpless on the road with a flat tire. Ventura Volkswagen in Ventura, CA, brings you easy instructions on how to change the flat tire in your Volkswagen. Continue reading for more information.

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Steps to Change a Flat Tire
Step 1: Review your Owner’s manual to know the position of your jack, toolkit, and spare tire.

Step 2: Park the vehicle on level firm ground and engage the parking brakes.

Step 3: Block the tire diagonally opposite of the tire being changed.

Step 4: Remove the spare tire and tool kit from the trunk of your Volkswagen. Roll the spare tire towards the flat tire.

Step 5: Remove the covers from the lug bolt using the pin from the tool kit. Remove the hub cap as well.

Step 6: Use the lug wrench to loosen the lug bolts.

Step 7: Place the jack in the correct crevice and jack the vehicle until the wheel lifts off the ground. Completely loosen the lug bolts and remove the flat tire.

Step 8: Replace the flat tire with the spare tire and then slightly tighten the lug bolts.

Step 9: Lower the jack and completely tighten the lug bolts. Replace the hubcap.

Step 10: Return the flat tire and the tool kit to its designated place in the trunk of your Volkswagen.

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For further clarification, you can watch the YouTube video on the official Volkswagen USA channel that demonstrates a flat tire being changed in a Volkswagen. Schedule a service of your Volkswagen at Ventura Volkswagen in Ventura, CA, or check out our maintenance menu for a detailed look at the services we offer. Contact us for emergency assistance or further information.

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