What to put inside an emergency roadside kit for your vehicle?

Emergency kit tips  

On the road, no matter how carefully we drive, there is always the potential of something negative happening to our vehicle whether it is something serious as an accident or minimal like getting a flat tire. Despite what happens, you can prepare the best you can with an emergency kit. Keep reading to learn more about which items you should put in your kit. 

A Container 

First things first, you will need something to hold all your items. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and could just be a small box. The container should be small enough to have tucked away in your trunk or somewhere easily accessible because you may need it if you are in a hurry 

Other items in your emergency kit should include: 

  • A tire pressure gauge 
  • A can of tire inflator and sealant 
  • A quart of motor oil 
  • Blanket 
  • Pen and paper 
  • Flashlight with extra batteries 
  • Tool kit 
  • First aid kit 
  • Jumper cables 
  • Water bottles and non-perishable foods 

woman having car troubles

What to do once you have your kit 

Once you have everything together, you should familiarize yourself with how to use everything. One of the most common reasons people pull over to the side of the road is for a flat tire. Look up how you can potentially fix this and other common occurrences.  Whenever you can, always try to steer your vehicle to the side of the road and away from other vehicles. 

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