vw id. lineup on white

What is the Volkswagen ID lineup?

Learn about the Volkswagen Crozz and other ID vehicles 

You may have heard by now that Volkswagen plans to expand its electric vehicle offerings. They have announced the new Volkswagen ID lineup, which currently has four concept vehicles in the makes. Keep reading below to learn what the Volkswagen ID lineup is and about these four concept vehicles. 

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Volkswagen ID. 

ID is the name of the lineup overall, but it is also the name of one of the electric concept vehicles. The ID. is the smallest of the four new vehicles. It is a compact vehicle with a possible driving range of over 370 miles on a single charge.  

Volkswagen ID. VIZZION 

The Volkswagen ID. VIZZION is a sedan-style vehicle with plenty of high-tech features. It is the first VW fully autonomous concept vehicle which means that it could drive itself. Moreover, this vehicle has a life of its own with a memory for specific passenger preferences such as seat adjustments and music selection. 

Volkswagen ID. BUZZ 

This retro modern bus has stolen our hearts. The Volkswagen ID. BUZZ will begin production as soon as 2022, which is really only a few short years away, although it feels longer as our anticipation grows. The Volkswagen ID. BUZZ has cool design features like honeycomb headlights and a unique white steering wheel that can retract into the vehicle when you are not driving. 

back view of vw id. buzz

side view of vw id. buzz

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Volkswagen ID. CROZZ 

We won’t have to wait as long for the Volkswagen ID. CROZZ as we do for the ID. BUZZ. The ID. CROZZ will be in dealerships by the end of 2020, only a little over one year away! This vehicle features a top track speed of over 110 mph. 

Volkswagen ID. Concept vehicles 

Please note that as these are all concept vehicles, specifics might be subject to change. Regardless, we can’t wait to meet these vehicles for the first time. 

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