id buggy text and top on green

Photo Gallery of the Volkswagen ID Buggy

What does the VW ID Buggy look like?

Volkswagen is constantly spewing new concept vehicles for us to admire. Recently, it has doused us with plentiful plans of electric concept vehicles. One of the most unique of these is the VW ID Buggy, a small, neon-green dune buggy. While a dune buggy doesn’t have a large target audience for purchase, it does have a lot of fans. Sadly, this buggy is not going to be on the market for consumer sales, but we can enjoy it through the photo gallery below.

vw id buggy in the sandvw id buggy front view in sand

vw id buggy kicking up sandvw id buggy front seats

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vw id buggy with red buggy in sandvw id buggy on the road

vw id buggy rear view on the roadvw id buggy on the beach

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