interior of 2018 volkswagen golf

Make Your Vehicle Sparkle With These Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring is finally here! And that means it’s time to get to those cleaning projects you’ve been putting off all winter. Start with your vehicle! Prepare your vehicle for summer road trips and more with this quick guide to cleaning cars and trucks!

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Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Cars and Trucks

  • Clean out your trunk
    • This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the junk you’ve transporting all year! Do you really need those golf clubs? Clean out the junk in your trunk and improve your fuel economy! A lighter car gets better gas mileage, you know.
  • Vacuum out the interior
    • Your carpets take a lot of abuse and collect a lot of debris. Remove the mats to make sure you’re able to vacuum and eliminate any rocks or dirt you’ve accumulated.
  • Wipe down the dashboard
    • Get some all purpose wipes and wipe down your dashboard and steering wheel. Get rid of all of that dust!
  • Organize or toss!
    • Do you have a bunch of wrappers under the seat? Extra stuff in the glove compartment? Now’s the perfect time to toss all of the excess clutter in your vehicle!
  • Wax and wash the exterior
    • Give the exterior of your vehicle a thorough wash and wax. Not only will your car sparkle, you’ll protect it from rusting and more!
  • Replace your windshield wipers
    • Windshield wipers are cheap and easy to replace, you just never think about it! A set lasts about six months, so replace your today and get a whole new view while driving!
  • Wash underneath your car, as well
    • Just because the outside of your car is shiny and new-looking doesn’t mean the undercarriage is! Make sure to thoroughly spray underneath your car to remove all the accumulated dirt, debris and more. This is truly the best way to prevent rusting!

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