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Can people in California use fireworks to celebrate Independence Day?

Firework laws and wildfire prevention in Ventura, CA 

Can people in California use fireworks to celebrate Independence Day? Yes, some fireworks have been deemed legal and safe to use in California. Below, Ventura Volkswagen will go into more detail about firework laws and wildfire prevention in Ventura, CA.  

What types of fireworks are illegal in California? 

According to, illegal fireworks include skyrockets, bottle rockets, roman candles, aerial shells, firecrackers, and anything that moves in an uncontrolled manner. You may be wondering what type of fireworks you should buy in 2021 to prevent a wildfire. Go to credible sources to buy your fireworks and look for safety labeling to find the safest fireworks. In general, these will be smaller, more controlled fireworks that don’t pose a risk of starting dry foliage on fire. 

What types of fireworks are illegal in Ventura? 

Ventura City outlaws all types of fireworks, according to You should not light off any fireworks in the city. If you are traveling out of the city to celebrate Independence Day in a different part of California, make sure to check local laws. 

Why are fireworks outlawed in some parts of Ventura County? 

Fireworks are mainly outlawed because they have the potential to start wildfires, no matter what type of firework you use and how carefully you handle it. Ventura County is often dry and hot, making it more susceptible to wildfires. Below, you can view some tips on wildfire prevention. 

How to prevent a wildfire when celebrating the Fourth of July this year in California 

We’ve probably all heard of at least one example of a celebration that led to a wildfire. This tends to happen most often with the Fourth of July, due to the time of year, the association with alcohol, and the association with fireworks, sparklers, bonfires, and other possible hazards. Here is what you can do to prevent wildfires: 

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  • Forego the traditional fireworks and sparklers altogether, especially on windy and dry days. Instead, watch a virtual firework show or come up with a new tradition. 
  • Always have a sober adult present when fires, fireworks, sparklers, and grilles are in use. Do not let children set off fireworks. Many fireworks result in injuries and burns. 
  • Plan your celebration on whichever day of the weekend has less wind. 
  • Celebrate in an area that is less likely to be affected by wildfire, such as a beach. Alternatively, celebrate indoors this year.