Golf GTI generations drawings

The history of the Golf GTI

Golf GTI history 

1975 was not ready for the fresh and wild Golf GTI. A new automotive category was birthed into the world because of the Golf GTI. This category was known as sporty front-wheel-drive compact cars, otherwise known as hot hatches. Keep reading to learn how the Golf GTI redefined a whole segment of the auto industry. 

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person using yellow rag to wash vehicle

How do I wash my car if I don’t have a hose?

Car washing options without using a hose 

Living in an apartment can feel limiting, especially if your vehicle needs a wash. Even though you might not have access to a hose, there are a few ways you can wash your vehicle without a hose. We have created a small list of ways you can wash your car. Keep reading to find a good solution for you. 

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