Senior man cleaning gutters on a suburban house.

Take On A Fall Home Improvement Project This Weekend

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but how about fall home improvement? These projects will get your home in tip-top shape before the holidays!

Clean the Gutters

The spring and summer have left plenty of opportunities for dirt and debris to get inside your gutters, which can decrease their efficacy. Gutters that aren’t routinely cleaned once a year or so are also more likely to have a shorter lifespan and need to be replaced sooner.

Change Air Filters

The air filters for your HVAC system need to be cleaned or replaced once a month, not just as the seasons change! If you have disposable filters, you can vacuum them once and get two months on one filter before it needs to be replaced. If you have foam filters, you can vacuum them over and over without needing to replace them. Be sure that you also vacuum the filter covers, air vents, and returns throughout your home to help keep things energy efficient and allergy-friendly – especially if you have pets!

Change Batteries

Once a year, change all of the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check to make sure they are in working order. Although the batteries may not actually drain out over just one year, the last thing you’d want is a dead smoke detector in the event of a fire. You can always test the level of the removed batteries and place them in other less crucial devices (like the remote) around the house.

Fertilize the Lawn

Even though our weather is relatively sunny and warm year-round, it’s a good idea to give your lawn a healthy dose of nutrients to make it through the slightly chillier months! It will help ensure that your grass, clover, or other lawn covering is green and lush when spring comes around again.

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Eliminate Drafts

Although you may not notice a draft as much as someone in Michigan might, any unexpected blast of cool air can be unpleasant in the winter. Take the fall to find any gaps or drafty spots and seal the window or door so that you can be as cozy as you want when it gets cooler.

The 2022 Volkswagen Atlas driving on the highway.

What Interior Technologies are on the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas?

2022 Volkswagen Atlas Interior Technologies

Featuring bold and athletic styling, the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas is a top pick in the midsize three-row SUV segment in Ventura, CA. Fitted with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, the SUV churns out 235 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. It is an excellent off-road SUV and also boasts a slew of technology features that gives it an edge over its competitors.  If you’re curious to learn about the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas interior technologies, then continue reading today’s article by our team at Ventura Volkswagen. We’ll walk you through the key interior features of the SUV.

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mechanic preparing checklist in workshop.

Why Get Volkswagen Dealership Service?

Finding the right auto shop is tough, but we have a few compelling reasons why dealership service is better for your Volkswagen vehicle.

Genuine VW Parts

At Ventura Volkswagen, we only use genuine Volkswagen parts because we believe in upholding the original design of your VW vehicle. Genuine parts help ensure that the performance, integrity, quality, and safety of your car are maintained as the years and miles wear on, so you can keep driving your VW for years to come.

Competitive Pricing

Just because we use genuine parts doesn’t mean that our prices are out of reach. We know that auto maintenance can dent even the best budgets out there, which is why we keep our prices fair and competitive. In addition to our low starting prices, we also offer service discounts to make your appointments even more affordable. You can view all of our current discounts online when you book your next service appointment at Ventura Volkswagen.

Expert Technicians

At Ventura Volkswagen, all of our technicians are Volkswagen trained and certified so that you can feel extra confident about the work done on your car. When our technicians are training with Volkswagen, they learn the ins and outs of Volkswagen engineering in order to know exactly how to repair your maintain your VW vehicle. You won’t have to worry that a technician won’t know about the fine engineering in your car – they’re an expert on it!

Convenience Comes First

We’re conveniently located right here in Ventura, CA so that we can be of service to drivers all over the Ventura area and beyond. It’s not just our location that’s convenient, our scheduling process is too. You can book all of your appointments online in minutes with our online scheduling tool, where you can see our updated availability and hours. Taking care of your car has never been easier with Ventura Volkswagen!

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Schedule Service at Ventura Volkswagen

The next time that your VW vehicle needs an oil change, tire rotation, or a mileage-specific service, be sure to book your appointment with us here at Ventura Volkswagen!

A phone getting charged in the Volkswagen vehicle.

Here’s How the Available Wireless Charging Feature Works in Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen Wireless Charging Feature

Volkswagen models are loaded with a wide array of connectivity features designed for modern customers. With a long list of premium exterior and interior features, Volkswagen cars and SUVs continue to impress critics and customers. There are many standard and available features you can find inside these vehicles. Today our team at Ventura Volkswagen in Ventura, CA, is sharing a short and informative video uploaded by the folks at Volkswagen to help you understand how the Volkswagen wireless charging feature works. Check out our online inventory and let us know if a Volkswagen model catches your eye.  

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A white 2021 VW Jetta driving on the city street.

What Interior Features and Technologies are on the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta?

2021 Volkswagen Jetta Interior Features and Technologies

The 2021 Volkswagen Jetta stands out from the pack. From sporting a sophisticated look to being equipped with a host of innovative safety features, the compact sedan is vying for the top slot in the hotly contested segment. In today’s blog, we’re sharing information about the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta interior features and technologies that make life on the road more comfortable and convenient.

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Ventura Pier

Spend An Afternoon On Ventura Pier

Since it was first established in 1872, the Ventura Pier has become a gathering place and a point of pride for citizens throughout Ventura, California. For more than 100 years, the pier and promenade have been home to locals and visitors alike, all of whom travel to the coast to enjoy the sights and sounds, and the ocean breezes.

The pier has been renovated several times throughout the years. It is made entirely of wood minus the steel pilings. It is also the eighth longest pier in California. Ventura Pier features interpretive display panels, a snack bar, benches, restrooms, a full-service seafood restaurant with a giftshop, and views of the Channel Islands, the coastline, and the mountains.

Furthermore, you can fish for from the pier, or just enjoy the crashing waves and cool, ocean breeze while taking in the stunning view of Pierpont Bay.

The beach alongside the pier offers bicycles, beach chairs, and body boards that are available to rent. If you feel like stretching your legs, venture down the paved promenade path that leads to Surfers Point Park. Bikes are also provided, so you can take a leisurely ride throughout Omer Rains Bike Trail.

The Ventura Promenade is a .5 mile long biking and walking trail that runs from the pier to Surfers Point. The promenade is the perfect way to experience the California coastline. It also has access points to downtown, eateries on the pier, and the beach.

To best access Ventura Pier, you can park within the parking structure on the pier’s north side (there is a small fee), or you can park over the bridge that crosses Hwy. 101. The closest parking to the main entrance is south of the pier.

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Other fun activities in Ventura include: Harbor Village, The Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center At Channel Islands National Park, Mission San Buenaventura, Botanical Gardens, Emma Wood State Beach, San Buenaventura State Beach, among others.

Ventura, California. A bicycle stands in its parking slot.

Hike Or Bike Your Way Through Ventura

Adventure is all around you in Ventura, California. There’s no better place than this vibrant seaside city to get away from the ordinary and experience the great outdoors. With its location on the Pacific Coast Highway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ventura offers some of the region’s best hiking and biking trails. Take a look at these 5 thrilling adventures to get you started.

Arroyo Verde Park 

The Arroyo Verde Park Loop is a 2.3-mile hiking trail rated as “moderate” in terms of difficulty. The course is beautiful, with many wildflowers, and can be used for hiking, running, nature trips, bird watching, and even has several children’s play areas. The trail is dog-friendly, but pups must be leashed at all times.

Sulphur Mountain Road Trail 

The Sulphur Mountain Road Trail is a rather strenuous climb at the start, but as it progresses, it becomes easier. There’s a great ride to be had on this road, especially in the spring. The hills are very green, and you’ll be able to see a panoramic view of the Ojai Mountain Valley and the ocean in the distance. 

Harmon Canyon to Overlook Beach 

This hike in the Santa Paula and Fillmore area is a remarkable experience. It starts out in Harmon Canyon Preserve and is wide and easy with excellent views. The hike will take you to a beautiful overlook of both the Channel Islands and the ocean.

Ojai-Ventura Bike Path 

The Ojai-Ventura Bike Path parallels the 33 freeway and the Ventura River. There are sections with a fenced-in horse riding trail next to the path. The trail stretches 15 miles long and can be done in sections if needed. It’s a relatively easy ride along a partially tree-lined path with lovely wildflowers year-round. This is a popular route, but most riders go early in the morning. 

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The Rincon Bike Trail 

This coastal bike is one of the loveliest in California. Rincon Bike Trail is an excellent choice if you want a relaxing ride with lots of dolphin viewings. Starting from Ventura Bike Depot, the entire trip is primarily flat, and you’ll be riding along the ocean most of the way. You can even take a break to do a little swimming or snorkeling along the way. 

An aerial view of various vegetables, including mushrooms, carrots and asparagus at a local supermarket.

Grab A Bite At Fatty Vegan

If you haven’t made your way to Fatty Vegan in Ventura, CA yet, don’t delay your visit any longer! This new local restaurant serves up all of your favorite comfort foods without any animal products.

About Fatty Vegan

Fatty Vegan opened on January 20, 2021, with the goal to bring delicious vegan food to Ventura vegans and non-vegans alike! The restaurant serves up vegan takes on classic American and Mexican comfort foods such as tacos, nachos, pizza, and even milkshakes. Everything at Fatty Vegan has a punk spin from the menu item names to bands that come to play at the restaurant. Because everything on the menu is vegan, it’s also dairy-free and perfect for those with dietary restrictions.

Meat-Alternative Menu Items

Many of the menu items at Fatty Vegan are meat alternatives to satisfy cravings for things like BBQ, Philly Cheesesteak, and tacos. You can sink your teeth into the Mr.BBQ Sandwich that features shredded jackfruit, BBQ sauce, and spicy coleslaw or enjoy a deli classic Ruben So Ho with meatless “pastrami”, sauerkraut, Russian sauce, and miyokos pepper jack seven. There are three meat-alternative tacos: So This Is Jack (Al Pastor) with jackfruit “carnitas” onions, cilantro, and salsa blanca; Cluck Authority with Chik’n, chipotle aioli, lettuce, and pico de gallo, and I Just Want Some Steak with beef-less strips, sauteed onions, bell peppers, guacamole, crema, and roasted jalapeño.

Dairy-Free Favorites

Whether you’re vegan, lactose-intolerant, or somewhere in between on the dairy-free spectrum, Fatty Vegan is your local go-to for all those cheesy, creamy delights you used to know. They have several vegan pizzas – cheese, supreme, cheesesteak, and BBQ Chik’n – as well as a full menu of dairy-free milkshakes. You can end your meal with a vanilla shake, chocolate shake, berry shake, cookies & cream shake, cookie & brownie shake, or even a Nutter Butter shake!

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Visit Fatty Vegan

Fatty Vegan is located at  325 S Borchard Dr., Ventura, CA 93003. They’re open from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

A woman enjoying a drink in front of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas.

What Exterior Colors Does the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Come in?

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Exterior Paint Color Options

The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas is an instantly recognizable mid-size crossover SUV that offers plenty of benefits. With a feature-rich interior that screams luxury and an attractive exterior, the SUV makes a strong impression. If you are curious to learn about the exterior color options available when buying this SUV, then check out this post. Our team at Ventura Volkswagen shares the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas exterior paint color options available for the buyers.

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A mechanic holding a checklist while working on a car.

What Services are Offered at Ventura Volkswagen?

Car Maintenance and Repairs at Ventura Volkswagen

Service and regular maintenance are important for keeping your vehicle in top-notch condition. It helps keep the various parts function efficiently and extend the lifespan of the vehicle. If you are looking for a car service center in Ventura, then continue reading.  

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